Welcome to Embrace Autism

Embrace Autism is a non-profit group founded by parents and volunteers working together to promote Autism Awareness and foster community among families and professionals.  Our parents and volunteers are guided by the trainings and resources offered by the Autism Treatment Center of America®, home of The Son-Rise Program®.

We also provide information and support for families, caregivers and professionals who are using or want to use The Son-Rise Program® to care for and help their loved ones challenged by Autism or other related developmental difficulties.

We currently host regular talks which cover a variety of topics and give parents the opportunity to share their experiences with other families.  Together with the Autism Treatment Center of America, Embrace Autism is also working to bring The Son-Rise Program® training courses to families in Singapore and throughout South East Asia.

If you want to know about The Son-Rise Program®, please visit www.autismtreatment.org

If you want to contact Embrace Autism, please email info@embraceautism.sg